Subject I like Yangmingshan, too!
Posted by Olivia
Posted on Fri Oct 9 07:02:24 1998
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I have gone to Yangmingshan with Vicky several times and I agree with Vicky that it is a good place.
In addition to what Vicky has introduced, I want to say that I especially like to buy flowers there. There
is a place named "ˤl" and I always buy roses there. It is because that flowers there are cheaper.
Usually I buy about 20 roses and only for 180 dollars. I think that if I buy 20 roses in the flower shops,
it may cost me 600 or more. Vicky also talk about some special restaurants in Yangmingshan. There
are some restaurants in "ˤl," too. The quality of this kind of restaurant is that they sell wild vegetables
and I think that it is special. After I have tasted it, I think it is delicious, too.
As a result, if going to Yanmingshan, do not forget "ˤl."


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