Subject Tienmu is my favorute place!
Posted by sin sin
Posted on Sun Oct 11 17:45:18 1998
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Tienmu is my favorite and familiar place in Taipei. In my leisure time, I am used to inviting a couple of friends to share with me a meal in a fancy restaurant. You know, one of those peculiar and attractive restaurants in Chunsan road. If I am alone, I still can enjoy shopping and walking to and fro in the streets.
What can you buy in Tienmu? If you don't have much money, keep big eyes on the tiny stuffs and accessories. Most of them are those things imported, maybe it is your first time to see these cute things, If you have any questions or you want to go accessory shopping with me, don't ask me. Come with me! ^_^
Doris Ou-Yang

 Re: Tienmu is my favorute place! Sara Mon Oct 12 23:50:10 1998
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