Subject Does morality count?
Posted by Sara
Posted on Mon Oct 12 12:37:50 1998
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I would like to express my opinion about Clinton's sex scandal.
I think Clinton should be censured for his abusing the authority of
Being a president. He deserves the condemnation because he lets
his sexual desire control himself in the working place. What's worse,
he even makes use of the authority to fulfill his sexual desire. This
is morally a big mistake he makes. From this point of view, I think
he fails to play the role as a president well. So, he indeed deserves
what he gets now, even including being censured by Congress.
But if he is asked quitting his job, I think it is a little bit too harsh
for him. After all, the trouble he makes does not really result in great
destruction toward his country. It is unfair to deny all his contribution to
the United States. For example, he helps the American people passing
through the finical difficulties, especially when the global is under serious
economic depression. He also focuses on American people' social
welfare with great effort. He is not a perfect president in all aspects though,
he really does a good job in some aspects, which can't be denied.
I think maybe that is the reason why most of the American people
tend to let the president serve out the rest of his term. Some people
might think that those public figures should resign from their jobs when
they are not morally right. I would say as long as the public figures do
not harm and affect the benefit of the people and country. It is their
rights to choose their own ways of living in privates. So, it is my own
opinions about the Clinton's sex scandal.

Sara Chuang

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