Subject Does morality count?
Posted by Karen
Posted on Tue Oct 13 02:55:19 1998
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Does morality count? My answer is "yes."
I think that morality plays an important role in our society and our daily life. Especially when it deal with
all kinds of relationships between people. With morality, people can beheave themselves and know what
is right or wrong. However, the definition of morality is kind of ambiguous.
Morality seems to be very important within a society, because it is what most people think is right.
This summer, I went to the US and had an ESL program. Some of my classmates are from Europe.
During this summer, I work on my project which is about premarital sex. For some people who
belongs to a more conservative society, they think that premarital sex is immoral, especially the
Chinese culture. In Europe or in the US or even in Taiwan, I don' t think that premarital sex is a
controversial issue anymore. In Chinese culture, sex before marriage is not very good. The reason
people think it is bad is because MOST PEOPLE THINK THAT PREMARITAL SEX IS BAD. Peopel don't
have sex before marriage is because they are afraid of people's gossips.(I don't know if this is true or not, this
is just my opinion.) But for my classmates, they don't think of sex as immoral.(or tthey
never think about that sex should be devided into two parts--before or after marriage. Sex is only a part of life.)
So I think it is really hard to define something is moral or immoral...
How about abortion?? People think that abortion is immoral because you have to kill a life,
but I have to say that sometimes it is necessary to have abortion. Which one should we follow??
Morality or something eles??

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