Subject Suicide
Posted by Linda
Posted on Tue Oct 13 13:28:55 1998
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I think it is a pity that the young girl committed suicide to end the relationship. Why did the public put
so much emphasis on her? What were the cause and effect for the girl's affair? It really let us think of this
question. The young girl seemed to have a bright future with her talents. Why did she do this? In my
opinion, they could not solve the problem in reality and then they chose to commit suicide as a romantic
symbol to be together forever. However, "suicide" could really solve their problem? My answer is " No".
Sucide itself is not a responsible conduct-leave the alive full of sorrows and sadness. This also makes me
think of the relationship in the family. The girl did not choose to talk about this with the family members.
What's wrong with the family? Maybe all of us need to think of this question. Take care of someone
beside you and talk to him. Maybe you will save a life.
Teenagers want to commit sucide due to the frustration in reality. They could not get a solution to
solve the problem, as a result, they commit suicide. Teenagers just do what they want without caring
about other's feelings, especially nowadays' teenagers. Maybe all of us need to think of this question
"What's wrong with our society or the family?" I think the suicide won't end but we can reduce the number
of sucide and help more persons in trouble.
I thought of suicide when I was a teenager for several times. I got a lot of frustration at that time and
I could not solve it. It was not easy for the family member to recover from the sadness of the suicide.
Besides, it is not unfair to let your family members have lots of pressure from your death. When I thought
of thesse questions, I dare not commit suicide. In comparison with those who fight with diseases, I think
I am lucky to be healthy. Try to cherish your own life and others.

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