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Posted by Jane Jane
Posted on Tue Oct 27 12:44:24 1998
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I agree with Linda. Nowadays, more and more people commit suicide when they can not get an outlet to their temper. Who says that modern people are happier? Most of modern people suffer from more pressure than before, and more and more frustation has been brought about. Whenever they can not bear it and do not find any proper way to solve it, suicides may take place.
However, to our surprise, the age for commiting suicide has been increasingly declined. Now even 13-18 year old teenagers try to end their life in such negative way. What in earth makes them end up their life with tragdies like this? In their bright and glorious ages, they choose this way to say goodbye to the whole world. Undoubetedly, they leave much regret and sorrow to their families and friends. How can they be so cool to do so? Is it not pay to live in the world for them? Is there no thing for them to be in love with? How about their familiar people and their favotite things? What is the problem with their families and the whole society?
I think that people or even teenagers commit suicide have a more strong sense of frustation they can not bear than the desire to hold on their life. In addition, people nowadays become more indifferent and they tend to keep something in mind. When someone has problems, he can not find people to listen to. He cannot consult people with his problems and therefore, he may solve his problems by himself. When he thinks of his situation in a negative way, he may choose suicide as a more perfect ending to solve all his difficulties. We have o admit that when people is dead, all tough feelings has gone.
Moreover, when some people commiting suicide were still alive, they were not emphasized at all and they might come upon a thought that they had the right to deminate their own bodies. It was nothing worng to end their "own " life. They might think that when they died, no one will feel sorry for them. However, they never thought that even they thought they were considered no big deal, there were still some people feel regretful for their death. This time how can their families and friends bear such pressure and sorrow?
In our daily life, we should pay more attention to people surrounding us. We can be more considerate to people we love and care and let them know how important they are in our mind. How painful it is for us to lose them! Sometimes one warm greeting will stimulate one person and give hope to the whole world!

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