Subject where is my true love?
Posted by cool girl
Posted on Thu Jul 14 16:42:28 2005
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Dear all my friends,
I a mur new friend:Lily i come from China Beijing,but i am a Mongolian and now i am learning at Beijing Foreign language university.Here...hmm.....I just wanna talk about the true love.i think most people .especially the young people all think no true love in the world,only love games,one night......but i can tell that true love make the world go around .but where is it?:-)here in my heart ,in ur heart,and in every body' in my opinian a success person should have a great job laso have a amazing family .I.E should have the true love----with ur true lover for all life.That would be fantastic!!!Right?so in my life .i am working hard and looking for a true lover of my deligently!because i believe love make the world go around!
If u find ur true love,wow i just wanna say:u r really something!!!
Ok .Peace and love
ur pretty friend:-)Lily

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