Subject Internet Dating
Posted by Sophie Ko
Posted on Wed Dec 9 10:23:36 1998
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Frankly speaking, personally I disapprove meeting up with people who you met from internet, because it's too dangerous and risky! You'll never know what kind of person he really is through merely chatting or talking on the phone. People get killed for going on a blind date or meeting people through some center, not to mention of internet dating.
Since the use of internet become more and more popular, many friends of mine has started going out with people they met on internet, mostly guys of course. I would say 80 persent of chances that they don't want to have anything to do with those guts anymore, for most of my friends's experiences are terrible! After being through so many shity experiences, why on earth do they still want to try? I ask them once, and just like what I thought, the answers are, for fun, feeling bored, longing for a boyfriend, and for excitement. For these reasons, they are willing to risk their safety. And to me, the only reason that I could think of why nothing hasn't happened to them is because they are just lucky.
However, in my opinion, building up web-friendship is something worthy of approval. I mean, people can still be friends with each other without meeting up. It's just like getting a pen pal, sharing things in two completely different lives is good. Sometimes it's better to keep a bit mystery in between.

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