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Posted by Sophie Ko
Posted on Sun Dec 13 16:54:09 1998
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Before sharing my opinions about campus security with you, I would like to tell a story first: Few weeks ago, I witnessed a guy in his early fifty being caught by students for hiding inside the women' toilet. While 0students were trying to get help from a security gaurd or teachers, that old man was trying to escape away because it took too long to find a gurad. I don't know what happened next, but I do learn one thing from this event: You can count on no one but only yourself when danger takes place.
To me, there has been no so called campus security since I entered college. Just take a look at our main gate, do you really think that the gaurd would notice if someone suspicious walked through it? Numerous students and teachers walk pass there everyday, and it's impossible for gaurds to check them one by one. Therefore, to prevent something goes wrong, everyone should know how to protect himself. For instance, never go alone to the part of campus where people hardly hang around, such as areas near by motorcycles' parking places and areas on the edge of campus. In addition, always carrying something useful for protecting is the basic way to keep ourselves from danger. Especially to girls, a spray gun or a tiny electronic stick is necessary to be carried with in anytime.
I see strangers in our campus everyday, and there is no way that we can tell what's gonna happen. Remember to aware people around you at all times.

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