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Posted by Mindy
Posted on Mon Dec 14 08:51:00 1998
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Now is the Computer Age and computers are widen used in many ways. We can get a lot of information without leaving our homes. In addition, we can send letters by E-mail instead of by postmen. In a word, the invention of computers has been convenient for us.
Recently, "talking" to people on BBS has become very popular. By this way, we can "talk" with anyone. At first, we don't have to talk face to face. We may meet after a long talking or when we feel we can make good friends. In my opinion, I don't like this way to make friends. There are three reasons for my views. First, because you don't know the one you talk to, he or she may tell a lie in your talking. He is not a "true" person. If you find you are cheated, I think it is not comfortable feelings. Second, the words used on BBS sometimes are not complete. On the contrary, I prefer writing letters, because the words are more beautiful and you can keep others' handwriting. At last, I think talking to others face to face is better. It is because we can have interaction and see others' facial expression. This is more real. Anyway, although talking on BBS is convenient, after all it is not as real as talking face to face.

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