Subject Internet Dating
Posted by Mavis
Posted on Tue Dec 15 18:28:56 1998
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Nowadays, Internet becomes very popular. More and more people enjoy making new friends through Internet. I know BBS just when I entered the college. Actually, it is very funny and excited to chat with others in this way, because you don't know each other. It's possible to develop friendship on the Internet. But it depends on what way did you take. It is a risk for a girl to date with a boy over the Internet, because you haven't each other before. The information you know may be not true. In my opinion, it is better to talk on the Internet just when you have spare time. I know some could manage their time well between school works and playing BBS. I not encourage people to date over the Internet, unless you can make sure it is safe enough. You can ask your friends to go with you. It is better during daytime and in a place with more people.

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