Subject We are blind on the Internet..
Posted by Kim Lin
Posted on Wed Dec 16 10:50:36 1998
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Talking and making friends on the internet is becoming a must course in the university! However, is it really necessary and safe to meet those people outside the computer?
On the internet, we can only know that person by what he tells us, but how do we know if he or she is telling the truth? We are blind on the internet because we can't really see the person we are talking to and our thoughts are guided by them. If we only know that person so little, we won't possibly find out the person's intention of asking us out to meet each other.
I personally think that it's alright to talk on the internet, butfor going out, we surely should do it after we know the person more. Actually, I won't do such a thing- to meet someone I just have talked to for a few times. It's too risky to me.
Maybe, it's better for us to only talk on the internet without going out. These people can be friends only on internet just like our friends abroad who we'll never meet!

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