Subject making friends on the net
Posted by Debra
Posted on Wed Dec 16 12:18:37 1998
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The process of making friends and dating with them is quite similar to a blind date. Is it safe? Don't think so, because what people say on the net is not always accountable. In addition, I have heard a lot of miserable experiences caused by meeting the internet friends. You can avoid or at least minimize the risk byKK
You may want to know this person more before meeting him/her, so that you know whether you really want to go out for a date with him. This step helps you save your time. You don't have to face the trouble that caused by meeting the wrong person. Maybe for the first time, you should ask your friends to accompany. After meeting him/her, don't just believe in what he says blindly. Real friendship needs time to establish and make it firm.

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