Subject Internet Dating
Posted by Melody
Posted on Mon Dec 21 13:13:36 1998
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  In my point of view,I don't like to have an internet dating because there are a lot of dangers in the internet.I prefer to have a dating with someone that I have knew very
well.In this way,I will not expose myself in danger.I have heard that some of my friends have internet dating before.
My friend,Betty,had an internet dating a few months ago.She went to the dating out of curiosity.At the first sight of her web friend,she felt sick because her web friend
didn't have a good-looking appearance.After her dating,she didn't want to get in touch with that man any more.
I think that web friends'friendship is hard to last.Besides,we can make new friends in many ways.Anyway,I DON'T like internet dating.

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