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Posted by azita lai
Posted on Wed Dec 23 02:15:10 1998
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I'm sure that the majority had came across this term "Internet" as it becomes so popular nowadays. Certain kind of programs
even allow people to talk or chat with others whom they did not know before. In fact, it is well-liked by most teenagers as they
can find and talk to anyone they like. There are also reports showing that many people devoted too much time on Internet
merely on chatting. Well, I admit that Internet is fun and convenient because we can locate and find the information we want by
clicking the key, then the related site will come out.

Talking about Internet dating, I just want to mention that each one of us has their freedom to choose their friend but they should
bear in mind that they have to be ALERT talking to someone new. There are lots of people who just make fun on others and
some are not honest enough yet there are also exceptional cases. In addition, news also mentioned that two people had been one
another's pal for a certain period of time and once they had came out to see one another, their friendship vanished because they
realized that they had been lying all through. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the pal is good enough because anyone can
just pretend behind others. No matter it is Internet Dating or not, human should pay attention to the surroudings so that we
can adjust ourselves and adapt to it. Anyway, keep your eyes open.

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