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Posted by Jenny
Posted on Fri Jan 15 19:36:38 1999
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I don・t know why I don・t believe in Internet dating, I think it is kind of funky and untruth. As I have heard that many foreigner like to use Internet to fool around. Once my friend told me that she had see a boy naked thought the net, and he uses a lot of sexual words to make my friend happy. I think this is awful, and because every body can get involved in it so you don・t know what kind of man or lady he/she is. Even the friends you can see everyday can fool you around, than how can you be sure that the friend you make thought Internet don・t fool around. Maybe I have seems too many cases that make me don・t believe in human relationship. In my mind I don・t really believe in those I don・t know or I don・t understand, I am afraid that someday they will betray me or hart me.
Another reason is that if I have a chance to make friends though Internet I think I will not use my real name or real heart. And I know some of my friend will do the same thing, so how can some body fall in love or date with some body that is not real? And you know that girl love to imagine; they will add a lot of imagination in it.
Maybe I am too serious about that but still safety is important, I don・t against my friend to have an Internet dating but I will suggest them not to put too much in it at the first few time.

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