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Posted by Julie and Michael
Posted on Sun Apr 18 04:46:36 1999
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Dear Azita Lai,

I am Julie Lambert and my husband is Michael Lambert. We live in North Carolina, USA. Before, both of us used to live in Taiwan. My husband is American born and has lived in Taiwan twice. He was in the United States Air Force during the VietNam War from 1971-1973. While he was stationed in Taichung he lived with a Chinese family in Tung Shih for almost two years. After the war, he got out of the military and went to study Chinese as a foreign student at National Taiwan Normal University. As for myself, I was born in Taichung, but grew up in Taipei City. I went to school at National Taiwan University and was an English literature major. After I graduated from NTU, I taught English at a local high school for three years. It was at this time in 1976 that I met Michael in Taipei when he was studing Chinese. That same year I went to San Jose, California to work on my master drgree - but I never finished because I saw Michael again and we were married on January 29, 1977. We have not been back to Taiwan since our last in 1984.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we simply want to say that we enjoyed reading your article written last December about the internet. You seem to have a good working knowledge of English to get your point across. You really never know who you will meet in life - and of course you should be cautious in all areas of life including the internet. What about a female taking a taxi cab in New York City? Or in Taipei late at night? High risk or no?
Many things in life are a chance such as investing in the Japanese stock market at the wrong time. We are not trying to criticize your article because your words were meaningful. We really believe you put much thought into what you said and believe you will go a long way in life. Otherwise, we would not respond to you!

We just bought our first computer last month. We old folks are slow and not quite so fast into high technology! If you want to tell us more about yourself our email address is: -- in North Carolina. We would love to hear from you because we really do miss Taiwan. Also, I do not have any relatives living in Taiwan and miss the homeland. If you decide not to respond, we will understand.

Yours truly,

Julie and Michael Lambert

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