Subject Advantages and Disadvantages
Posted by Monica
Posted on Tue Dec 8 22:42:30 1998
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When I were senior high school student, many friends of mine were fascinated by BBS. At that time, I did not agree this kind of way to make friends. Because I thought it weird to talk to a stranger on BBS. But after entering college, I serve on BBS for several times. I find that there really are many attractive places and I finally understand why so many people are interested in BBS. On BBS, you can make friends whose characters and background are totally different from yours. You can exchange each other's point of view and learn something from your friends. When you are bored, it is a good recreation to make you time pass quickly. Sometimes it is exciting to talk to a new person on BBS, because you do not know what kind of person he/she is and what kind of topics of conversation will be created. But it is also dangerous.
I think BBS is like a stage for people to act. You are anyone you want to be. You can change your names, your age, and even your sex, because everyone is behind the screen. You do not know whether the person you talk to have bad intentions. Usually, if the people's name is disgusting, I won't talk to him. And if I am not acquainted with this person, I won't let him know all the information about me. I think these are some necessary measures to prevent us from getting hurt.
It seems that at this modern time, if you don't know BBS or don't serve on BBS, you fall behind. But, what on earth does BBS shorten the distance between people or lengthen? I think it depends on you. J

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