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                   Paul's Case    date: 10/22
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"Once, when he had been making a synopsis of a paragraph at the blackboard, his English teacher had stepped to his side and attempted to guide his hand. Paul had started back with a shudder and thrust his hands violently behind him." From the description of Paul's behavior, I think Paul is an impolite boy. Regardless he doesn't want his teacher to guide him; he shouldn't treat his teacher violently. He not only hurts his teacher but also makes her feel embarrassed. If I were his teacher, I will feel very angry and embarrassed. After all, in my opinion, teachers should be respected. So, I think Paul's behavior is very rude and improper.
Whey does Paul imagine that he goes into the hotel with decoration? Comparing to his own room with yellow wallpaper which he doesn't like. Just means his room is not decorated much. The image of entering the glory hotel is represent for wondering to change his own world into another world where is full of music, fortune, and many beautiful things. He wants to get rid of his real life. I think the following sentence can support my idea. "As the rain beat in his face, Paul wondered whether he were destined always to shiver in the back night outside, looking up at it." It gives me an idea that he wants to pursue his own goal.
Paul seems afraid of his father. When he comes home from the concert hall, he has already had an idea to lie to his father. Because he is afraid of waking his father, he begins to think things that are not true. For example, "Suppose his father had hear him getting in at the window and had come down and shot him for a burglar?" He is really an imaginative boy.
At last, Paul commits suicide because he knows he can't get rid of reality. I think the sentence "All the world had become Cordelia Street perhaps because he had looked into the dark corner at last and knew." can support my thought. I think he doesn't know if he really likes art, he only wants to leave his world and goes into another beautiful world. After all, he can't confront reality but chooses to die. That is why Paul digs a hole in the snow and covers up the red carnations. I think carnations are represent for his idea and white snow symbolizes the reality. In my opinion, everyone arounds Paul including his father, his teachers, and society should be responsible for this tragedy.
His father not only forbids Paul to pursue his goal but also asks him to come back to school to study. He doesn't care about Paul very much. He never tries to realize what Paul thinks. So, I think Paul's father is a fact which cause Paul's dead. His teacher also doesn't know what Paul thinks. They just care about Paul's studying but never mind his thoughts. So, they should be responsible for this tragedy. Besides, art makes people feel it's luxury and extravagant. If we want to pursue art, we should spend a lot of money. Let many people feel the world full of art is rather different from our real life. Therefore, society has responsibility for this tragedy.

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