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BACKGROUND : In Pittsburgh , the city of steel .
CHARACTER : Paul , Pauls father , Pauls teachers..........
In My Opinion :
No matter Pauls father or teachers are all troubled about him . Paul likes famcu amd delicate tings . In fact , that is pretty good , but he seens always drops in the world he imagines . That makes Paul always have a distance to realistic world . What lets Paul be that ?Maybe we could get the answer from the sentance about his father " He gave him a dime . He was not a poor man , but he had a worthy ambition to come up in the world . His only reason for allowing Paul to usher was , that he thought a boy ought to be earning a little " . Pauls father does not take good care of Paul as a father . Paul is afraid of his father . We can know from the description of Paul who went home after following the tracks of the singer . Paul combines his dream with the realistic world through art , so he does not want to be an actor or a musician . He just like the feeling far away from the true world . From the description of the finall few paragraphs do we know that why Paul commits suicide . " The carnations in his coat were dropping with the cold ., he noticed " . Paul can not bear going back to the environment where he lives again . Finally , he knows that money is everything , but he chooses his way by commiting suicide in order to hold what he have ever had --feew days he can get his own way . However , we know he fails in his life . Because he does not slove any question , onlycuccumb to destiny by a worst way .

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