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PaulˇĄs Case Joanna
After reading this sad story I feel that in our society there are many cases like this one. For example, sometimes we can see that some students choose die to evade pressure from their schools or families. I think it is not the best way to solve problems though sometimes when I feel very depressed I want to do that, too. But I didnˇĄt do it, I know that daytime always comes after night and life is short so I shouldnˇ¦t suicide before I should die. The boy in this story always complains his ugly world and he canˇĄt get what he wants from his school or family. I think that he wouldnˇ¦t die if there was someone knowing his problems and giving him help but there wasnˇĄt so he was dead. From this text we can learn something: if we meet some trouble and donˇ¦t know how to solve it we should ask someone for help. If we find our friends area little strange we should give him a hand and let him feel that there is still someone cares him. In a word, I think that people wonˇĄt suicide if there is someone can help them.
1.I think the reason why the teachers so angry Paul and then ˇ§humiliated to have felt so vindictire toward a mere boyˇ¨ is that they feel they canˇĄt control the boy and it seems that they lose the power which they should have on him. Also he doesnˇ¦t show any respect to them. In my opinion, if I were his teacher I will angry, too. But I will try to find out what problems the boy has and try to help him to get through it.
2.I characterize Paul as a misfit boy because he doesnˇĄt like his world and is imcompatible with all people around him. He wants to escape and enter into high-level society because he thinks that he belongs that world. In fact, he doesnˇ¦t belong there but he pretend he is when he is in Carnegie Hall or in New York. It is sad that he canˇĄt accept what his real life is.
3.A contrast between the school and concert hall: Paul feels bored in school and teachers think that he is a bad boy who always makes trouble. He is always blamed by them and he feels depressed. But the hall is magnificent, there he is a charming guy everybody love him. He feels happy and comfortable and that is really different from his real world.
4.I think Paul should be responsible for this tragedy because when one has problems he should ask for help and talk to someone but he didnˇĄt. Nobody wants to hurt him and it is he himself canˇ¦t used to his real life so I think it is his own problems.
5.I think flower is symbolic of himself because in the end he bury it and then he died, too. Actually he is like flower which is dead after its most beautiful time.
When he ran out money he knew that he should end his life because he felt he ever lived though it just lasted 8 days it was worthy.
1. When Paul stole money, did he decide to die that time?
2. If Paul didnˇĄt die what will happen to him? Would he become used to his life or still he wants to be a part of high social class?

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