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The Yellow wallpaper
I think her husband should be responsible for the ending because he never admitted that his wife was sick though he was a doctor. It is really satirical, doctors should help patients but in this story we know that he didnˇ¦t do it. What he did was to comfort her and told her to control herself when she started to fancy. He never listened what his wife wanted to tell him and told her donˇ¦t do everything expect rest. He didnˇ¦t know what is she really needed and just did what he thought best to her. But we know that she didnˇ¦t get any better from her husbandˇ¦s help instead she became worse. If he can spend more time staying with her and listening to what she tried to say maybe she wouldnˇ¦t go to crazy at the end.
1. The female narrator is very different from her husband. Her husband is a practical man who doesnˇ¦t believe faith or superstition and something that canˇ¦t been seen or felt. For example, one night when the narrator told her husband that she saw something strange, but he just said what she felt was a draught. Also he is a physician while his wife is in postpartum depression and fancies a lot. I think the relationship between them seems good outwardly because he seems always nice to her. He said to her that we came here solely on your count and here you were to have perfect rest and all the air you could get. But the truth is that the wife feels respect, afraid and sometimes gets angry with him. For instance, she did everything what her husband wanted her to do and she couldnˇ¦t write before him. Everytime when she told him she saw something, he just comforted her and neglect what is the real problem to her, which made her really angry. Because he didnˇ¦t believe she was sick and thought itˇ¦s only a slight hysterical tendency. So he told her to take some medicine, air and exercise and she is forbidden to work or write until she is curl. But she doesnˇ¦t agree with this treatment. She thinks that if she has some proper work to do will do her better but it didnˇ¦t so she has more time to fancy.
2. I think the whole wallpaper is symbolic of the womanˇ¦s life. I mean the pattern on it sometimes looks like eyes which may means his husbandˇ¦s monitor, because she always under her husbandˇ¦s control and without his permission she canˇ¦t go anywhere. The creeping women are symbolic of her and those people who have the same problems with her. And I think the narratorˇ¦s madness is a symbolic of a kind of win because she is a loser no matter in her husbandˇ¦s eyes or in the whole society. Only in this way she thinks that she doesnˇ¦t need to listen his words anymore and that is a victory.
¤T. Questions:
1. Why her husband didnˇ¦t let her write? In my opinion, I think that writing is a way to vent sometimes
2. Why the creeping people she saw are women? What are those women she saw look like, did they look like the narrator?

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