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In the story "The Yellow Wallpaper", again, we see how one is restricted by the society. The woman was neither winner nor looser at the end, but indeed a victim of the patriarchal society.
The narrator in the story was suffering from postpartum depression and her physician-husband insisted her to have "rest-cure", no working and no writing. However, the prescription was not really what the woman needed. In the woman*s narration, we could find that the woman was actually an active person, and she loved to talk to people and loved to write. The prescription was merely a restriction to her own free will.
The relationship between the wife and husband was unequal. There may not be physical violence in the marriage. Somehow, the men*s absolutely high power upon the wife was a kind of violence. In the way the husband called her wife as little goose and little girl, we could see that the husband did stand on a higher position to "guide/ control" the wife. Till the end, we still don*t know the woman*s name.
In modern society, we may lodge a strong protest and even leave the marriage. However, in that conservative years, men were the center of the society. The whole society*s moral value of asking woman to be virtuous was actually a great ordeal. As long as women were part of the society, women had to suffer from it. In the wife*s illusion, she saw a woman creeping outside in daylight and narrated " I don*t blame her. It must be very humiliating to be caught creeping by daylight. The narration revealed the great constraint.
All the conflict and constraint finally drive the woman mad. Indeed, the woman vs. Man war had not yet started then, and women were simply the most innocent victim.

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