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The Journal of the Yellow Wallpaper
The relationship between the narrator and her husband is quite traditional. John is the powerful one. He is pretty arbitrary and never takes his sick wife's words serious. Because he thinks that he is a physician and his wife is merely a patient. A patient should always listen to the doctor's words. He put too much emphasis on his profession, neglecting his role of being a husband. "John says thatíK" "John thinks that-" such sort of sentences continue appearing in this story. Then, what's followed is that the narrator has to obey what John says. In other word, their relationship is a kind of unequal. Such unbalanced relationship may also be the cause of the narrator' illness.
I think the process of the narrator' behavior toward the yellow wallpaper is pretty symbolic. At first, the narrator dislikes the yellow wallpaper very much, just as she doesn't admit that she is sick as well. Then, she observes it day in and day out. She starts to change her opinions to it, like John keeps telling her that she is ill and she gradually convinces that she is ill. Finally, she becomes more and more like the yellow wallpaper, and then she gets mad.
In fact, why the narrator gets crazy is because she can't escape from the chains of tradition. She once tries to escape from it, but everything seems in vain. In the page 251, she tries to discuss the affair with John, but nothing is changed. Therefore, step by step, what she can do is deceive herself that she succeeds. She thinks that, at last, she escapes from the chains, however, the truth is she get mad. Though she does scares John, it does not mean that she is the winner. Oppositely, she is a loser and the victim of traditional chains. Because what's followed is that she may be sent to the convalescent home and John remains the professional physician.

John must takes most of the responsibility of his wife's illness, whether in the beginning or in the end. He forever knows his role as a physician, but forgets that he is also a husband, too. Though he really wants to cure his wife, however, he does not know what is the real need that his wife wants. He should pay more attention to his wife's words. If he does notice the need of his wife, this tragedy wouldn't happen at all.
I think the narrator is a pretty poor woman. At the beginning, she doesn't yield to the traditional chains. She does struggles very hard; however, her effort doesn't pay back. It does make me feel very sorry. Because I think we should always face our fate. No matter how hard it is we should always insist on. One we must go through it and have a better life in the future. However, life is not so easy and simple at all. Tragedies constantly happen, most of the time, there are fewer things that we can do.
I admire the narrator's brave. Though she loses at last, she has done her level best to make effort. I think that sometimes it is enough.
It is a pretty sad thing that such kind of affair seems also exist now day. Women's, place remains under the men's. Although this kind of thoughts is changing day by day, women are still under the heavy traditional chains. I do hope the day which the women's and the men's place can become equal.

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