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In the first stanza, it is describing suffering in general. How and when it happens. Maybe it happens when people are eating or opening a window or walking dully along. These words are written in the fourth line; the line is very long, suppose he wants to express there are too many daily life could be said, but he can't write them in detail, he express them in the length. It means whenever or wherever, suffering probably could happen. We can't predict or avoid. Besides, notice there is rhyme "wrong" and "along" the nasal sound [n] is creating a sense of sadness and melancholy. So when we read the first stanza, we can feel the sadness of suffering not only from the connotation of words but from the rhyme. We can see in the end of the stanza, it writes a semicolon; it means following it will tell us some tragedies in detail.
The second stanza is talking about although the ages are reverently and passionately waiting for the miraculous birth, there are still some children who don't specially want it to happen and are still skating. Regardless something great like birth happens; other people who are not involved in the event still do their own things like children are skating. People can't stop doing their own things because of something significant. In other words, these children in this stanza still skate when the miraculous birth happens; it doesn't mean children ignorant the event, but maybe exactly they don't know or notice. Or they live in different area so they never hear of it. It is possible.
The third stanza is about a dreadful massacre happening meanwhile there is a horse scratching its behind on a tree and some dogs go on with their doggy life. This also refers to although there is something terrible happening, animals remain continue to live as usual. They won't stop for the massacre. In other words, the poet, he wants to emphasize the connection between daily life and tragedy.
In the fourth stanza, we can divide it into four parts. Among three of them are representations of daily life, including the plowman, the sun, and the ship. The other one represents tragedy; that is Icarus drowning in the sea. When he is crying, the plowman keeps on going and doesn't rescue the boy. Probably he wants to rescue the boy but he can't because he is worried about his harvest; he has to make his living. Or he doesn't hear the crying. These are possible. The sun is going on shining; it never stops running for the boy's drowning. The ship is next to Icarus, but none of the members in the ship save him. Why? Maybe they all notice him, but they have no tools to be used, or none of them can swim, or they have another important things to be done result in they can't save him. Or they even don't see the tragedy. These possibilities could be worked.
In our society there are many things happening around us. Although we know, we want to contribute our effort to them, we can't. That doesn't mean we ignorant them, but because we have no ability to do for them. Like there are many dogs deserted on the streets, though we feel sympathetic with them, we want to arise them, but we can't. We can't raise all of them. That's impossible. What we can do is to avoid deserting dogs, that is, if we like raising dogs, we should take responsibility for taking care of them and protecting them, and never desert them despite of how old or ugly they become. Recently, on TV we can see many tragedies about solitary old people die in their houses, but they are not discovered until there are odor smelt from their bodies. When I see this news, I feel very sad, even want to cry, but I can't do anything helpful for them. Rage and sadness are full of my heart. Nothing I can help. I feel helpless after all I am just a teenager. I have no money can be donated. This kind of feeling is not very good. The same, I think the poet, he writes this poem perhaps he wants to remind us to think a lot by ourselves, and to pay more attention to the things that happen in our society. Don't ignorant them.

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