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Poetry unit 3: Imagery & Symbol; Modern Age
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After reading ¡§Disillusionment of Ten o¡¦clock¡¨, I found that it was very interesting. The speaker seemed to tell us about the ghosts, actually he wanted to talk about the people. The people lived in regular lives, they have not any activities in the evening, so they went to bed at ten o¡¦clock. The speaker told us that ¡§The house are haunted¡¨ ¡§By white night-gowns.¡¨ Maybe all the people wore the night-gowns when it was ten o¡¦clock and the house became dark, so the people liked ghosts. There were four sentences described about colors, but the speaker added ¡§None¡¨ at the beginning. I imagined that the speaker wanted to tell us their lives were blank and there had not any colors. I thought that ¡§green¡¨ related to alive, ¡§yellow¡¨ related to the color of the earth and ¡§blue¡¨ related to the sky. And ¡§rings¡¨ meant the symbol of movements and two sentences ¡§with socks of lace¡¨ and ¡§And beaded ceintures¡¨ I thought that the speaker expressed the people were boring, they could not have some colorful and special things in their lives, so that they did they the order things and their dreams were also boring too. Only that old soldier was different than others. I imagined that he might had an adventure in the past and he was a brave and courage people, so it said that ¡§Catches tigers¡¨ ¡§In red weather¡¨ Maybe he caught his tigers in his dream and it was the contract between him and the people.
Another poem ¡§In a Station of the Metro¡¨ Although it was so short, it showed about the feeling and the sense that about the speaker. There were two lines in this poem, the first line and the second line had a close relationship and they were closely connected because there was a semi-colon to separate the two lines. The first line ¡§The apparition of these faces in the crowd¡¨ the speaker used the apparition and did not used the people, maybe the people in the station were not clear. It seemed that he had a long distance of his view so that it looked like very mysterious. It was because there were many people in the station and the speaker did not recognize them. The second line ¡§ Petals on a wet, black bough.¡¨ I imagined the petals related to the beautiful faces. The speaker used petals to describe about the people because the petals were beautiful, they were not lasted for a long time. Maybe the speaker saw the people disappeared quickly and he could not see them again. And ¡§black bough¡¨ I thought that it was a train because the speaker was in the station.
Although one of the poem described about the society that was formerly and another poem described about the modern world, they also gave me a same feeling. It was because this two poem reflected the people that were indifferent and the two speakers also felt the loneliness.

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