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I Am Nobody! Who are you?
When I read this poem, I would use a dramatic way to read it aloud. In my imagination, there was a dark stage. A spotlight was turned on; the speaker was under it. She spoke surprisingly and secretly, looking for a company.
At first, she was excited about asking the question "Are you - nobody - too?" she was eager for a company, but with a kind of unsure, she spoke indefinitely and slowly. She was quite lonely. She thought that she had found out another nobody, and that was why she said, "Then there's a pair of us!" Then, just as if she was talking to a real friend, she said," Don't tell! They'd banish us - you know!" "They", I think, are those who have already been "somebody."
In the second stanza, she changed an attitude; she is a little bit sad and weary. "How dreary - to be - Somebody!" I can imagine the sadness on her face. But ironically, she compared others with frogs. "How public - like a Frog - To tell your name - the livelong June - To an admiring Bog!" I think, in her opinion, the bog is a symbol of the society and most people wanted to be "somebody." They were everlastingly telling their name in order to be somebody.
As to the whole poem, there are many dashes. I think they meant the unsure and the sadness of the speaker. There must be many questions in her mind, such as "Do I need to be somebody?" and "What does somebody mean?" I can easily feel the isolation of her, just because she is "nobody." I think that she is against those who are somebody or she wouldn't compare them with frogs. She disdains them a lot.
I am not sure whether I want to be a "somebody" or an "nobody". I am a college student now. Does it mean that I am somebody? I don't think so.

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