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I`m Nobady ! Who are you?
At first line , the speaker is asking the reader a question . But in third line ," Then there is a pair of us ! " the speaker is happy to have a company who is the same person as her , she invites the reader to join her . And obviously , the speaker more like to be nobady than somebady ! But he did not want to be known by others , or he cannot live his own life !
The second stanza tells how she dislike to be a somebady : " How dreary - to be - Somebady ! How public - like a Frog -". The speaker looks somebady as frog , this kind of person can do nothing but let others admire them .
In first stanza , the way the speaker tells as he is a child who playing a game ; however , in second stanza , the way he tells just like a experienced person . Emily Dikinsons used a few simple to makes the reader know how boring to be a somebady . The whole poem inspires us to be a Nobady . If I choose , I will no bady , too . To be a somebady , everyone cannot live with their characteristic way . Although being a nobady will not let others pay attention to , at least , we still be ourself . It is necessary for us to force ourselves to be someone . Standing under the spotlight may not be a best way to live .
comom people have comon people`s fun . What counts is to -- Be ourselves .
The poem is quite short , but the sentence " I`m Nobady ! Who are you ?" can let us think that now we are somebady or nobady , have we all lived like the way we should be ?

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