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Joanna 487200116 I heard a fly buzz- when I died
The speaker doesn't die when she writes this poem, but she describes it vividly the circumstance before her death. She uses fly to symbol the death and I think why she uses "fly" is because it means a kind of freeing oneself from anything in this secular world.
The words "stillness and storms" mean the speaker and those people around her, because when someone will die, his family members will cry and shout just like storms buzzing, but the dying people just being quiet on the bed. As the eye of a typhoon is the most tranquil place, but outside it there is noisy.
In the second stanza, she talks about people around her in terms of Eyes and Breaths. Maybe it is because she is dying and gets confused what they are talking to her, she can only see their eyes and hear their breaths. In the third stanza, I think the portion probably has two meanings: one is substance what she has and the other is all his feeling about this world, such as like, hate, worry. Because she doesn't want anything to tie her again, so she gives up all things. At last, she describes the fly in a strange way and wrong color, maybe it is because she is dying and she can't determine things correctly. The window is symbolic of the eyes, because they are the windows of the soul.

I'm nobody and who are you?
The poem's tone is secret because she speaks with long pause. I think the speaker wants to escapes the real world but she feels lonely and wants to have a friend who wants to be nobody. In her eyes, to be somebody is a shame because she describes being somebody is dreary and the public is like a frog that keeps shouting. For her it is too tiring and somebody has to care everything all the time and that makes him weary.
The dashes create a sense of distance and isolation, because word and word keep a distance just like people always have a wall to keep themselves from others. In the first stanza, I think "you" means people who read this poem, "they" means somebody. However, I don't want be somebody or nobody, I just want to be myself. Because once you want to be somebody or nobody, you lost yourself.
Finally, the two poems were written by Emily Dickinson and she expressed some feeling of evading common customs.

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