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I Am Nobody! Who Are You?
Name: Trista Wu
Student Number: 487200477
In the first stanza, the author used a secret tone. First, she wanted to find a companion, but was afraid of being found. So, she said, ˇ§ I am nobody! Who are you? ˇ§ While she asked, ˇ§Are you- nobody- too? ˇ§ she was not quite sure that if the comer was her companion or not. Because she used a ˇ§ questionˇ¨, but not a ˇ§ periodˇ¨. Her tone, in the second sentence, involved with doubts and uncertainty. Then, she was sure that the comer was her companion, nobody, ˇ§then thereˇ¦s a pair of us! ˇ¨ ˇ§ Donˇ¦t tell! Theyˇ¦d banish us- you know!ˇ¨ in this sentence, ˇ§ theyˇ¨ meant ˇ§ somebody, and ˇ§ us ˇ§ meant ˇ§ nobodyˇ¨.
Then, it came the second stanza. The author no longer used a secret tone, for she was certain that the comer was ˇ§ nobodyˇ¨. She used the first two sentences to criticize ˇ§ somebodyˇ¨, and used ˇ§ a frogˇ¨ to described ˇ§ somebody.ˇ¨ directly. Then, used the last two sentences to appreciate ˇ§ nobodyˇ¨ as the livelong June and an admiring Bog.
In this poem, we seem to have two choices only, to be ˇ§nobodyˇ¨ or to be ˇ§ somebodyˇ¨. Yet, I should say that we only have one option, to be ˇ§nobodyˇ¨, for any one love to be compared as ˇ§a frog.ˇ¨

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