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When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
Few weeks ago, we had the Leo Meteors in Taiwan. It's said that, if we didn't see them this time, we
had to wait for one hundred years. This issue was hotly discussed on the computers and our campus so
that we could feel that everyone expected the nature sign a lot. Many students also had arranged time to
see the meteors together. But before you set off, if a teacher gave an assignment that required every
student go to see the meteors and hand in a report including some basic scientific knowledge about
meteors. I thought the first happy feeling will suddenly disappeared. At first, the reason we desired to see
the meteors was because we wanted to appreciate the beauty and the atmosphere. If someone demanded
us to do some purposes about this . Then, we must lose our passion and feel bored about doing this.
People need the nature to release our feelings and comfort our minds. Many artists were touched by the
nature and created many excellent pieces of arts. If we had to study or analyse the nature, we will destroy
the pure feelings. So from this poem, the author said "When I was shown the charts and diagrams, to add,
divide, and measure them" we can feel the long and tedious feeling the sentense expressed. Although
there was applause in the lecture-room, the author became tired and sick. what he wanted to do was look
up in perfect silence at the stars. Science did make our life more convenient, but the beautiful nature had
better remain mysterious to be appreciated.

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