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Name: Claire
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Poetry 1
This poet described a pregnant woman. The first line said that " I am a riddle in nine syllables". I think " nine syllables" means nine months here. It would take women nine months to bore a baby. So, this poet included nine lines in it. First, she said that she is " an elephant and a ponderous house". I think maybe it was because that her big belly made her feel that she can not move as easy as usual. Second, she said that she is " a melon strolling on two tendrils". It is very interesting that I seem to see a pregnant woman walked before me when I read this sentence. The melon was so big and round just like the pregnant belly. And the tendrils are so long and thin just like our feet. Some times she feels that she is very important and be respected. For example, she thought she just like the " fine timbers", "means" and a " stage". She mentioned her baby also. She said "This loaf's big with its yeast rising" and " Money's new-minted in this fat purse". The two "this" here means the mother and "yeast" and "new-minted money" means the newborn here. Besides, she said that she have eaten "a bag of green apples. I think maybe it has two means. One may because she felt full all day long when she was pregnant. Or the other meaning is she felt nauseated. Because the "green" apple must be immature in America.

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