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Name: Claire
No. 48720045
Poetry 3
Musee des Beaux Arts

On surface, it is a poet which talked about a famous picture. In fact, it also mentioned our daily life. In first three stanza talked about the suffering in our daily life. Tragic things always happened every day. Irregular things would happened in regular life. Just like the irregular line length. In last two stanza it mentioned the daily life in different form. There are a plowman, the sun, and a delicate ship. In the picture, we could find the plowman, then the ship and sun. You have to "look for" Icarus. He is only a leg in the sea. The plowman did his job as usual. The sun still rise up. The ship never stopped for the little leg. No one noticed it, even it is a suffering to Icarus. It is really life. Something would happened every day. But we never noticed it. Although sometimes it was very important to others. Most time we still do our job and continue our work. Our life was very regular with some irregular thing.

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