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"Disillusionment of Ten o'clock"?
In one's life, many limitations may stop one from doing what they want. For example, if one day ,suddenly, you want
go abroad for a vocation. You have to face many problems. Your father will blame you for being rediculous, and you
can't find any money. For this reason, many people choose to face their destinies, and they just study hard, get a
steady job, and get married. I thought the author lived in a samll town where people live their lives regularly and they
don't want to have any changes. But I thought the author was someone who wanted to have a colorful life and he
described himself as an old sailor. As we know, a sailor must have traveled around many places in his life. He must
have a lot of memories that others can't image. If one day, he retired and lived in a small town. Can he stand the
bored life there? The forth, fifth, and sixth sentences gave me a strong feeling of bored. Although they were colorful.
I took them as sarcasm. It seemed that the author was laughing at others' silly bored. Although he wanted to get rid
rid of the environment, he couldn't change most of the people around him. What he could do was to drunk and asleep
his boots and had a dream to catch tigers in red weather. Finally, he had to accept others and became o menber
of them.

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