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~ I'm nobody! Who are you? ~
I've seen this poem when I was in senior high school. The poem had been mentioned in English textbook. It is very interesting, isn't it? In the world, most people are "nobody". But most of them are attempting to be somebody. In my opinion, I suppose Emily Dickinson just want to sarcasm them. Of the society in her age, people might seek for such a kind of fame or reputation. For achieving their goal, they would do something illegal or something shameful. I guess that they might have to be very fawning. I consider that should be the main idea of this poem.
Emily Dickinson compared the situations of somebody and nobody. She described somebody as the frog. I think she may be the "nobody" in her poem. I don't mean that she was nobody. Of course as we know, she was a famous poetess. She tried to regard herself as nobody. When she saw some things, she might change her mind into the mind of somebody. That she could stand in the same position with nobody. Apparently, she seemed that she preferred to be nobody rather than somebody. As she what she said in the second stanza of her poem "How dreary°–to be°–somebody! How public°–like a Frog°– To tell you your name °–the livelong June°– to an admiring Bog. " I think it is what she thought in her mind to be somebody.
It is really a big trouble for those public people. They don't have any privacy when they have been know on Earth. Most people in the world like to peek at others' secrets. There was a best example of Princess Diana. In that case, the professional morality of journalists had been discussed for a while at that time. But the issue doesn't relate to the poem, so let's go back to it. Have you ever heard about an old saying, which reads "no pain, no gain"? I'd like to say to those people who want to be famous. It's absolutely for you losing something, such as the privacy, the family time, or other else. So remember to look before you leap.

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