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Musee des Beaux Arts
This poem included three paintings inside; they are "The Census at Bethlehem" "The Massacre of the Innocents" and "Landscape with the Fell of Icarus." What is more, it talked about human sufferings.
At the beginning, it told us when sufferings appear, while someone is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along. Suffers seemed to happen every time and every where; however, it is true. There were too many tragedies around our daily life. You can easily hear a bad news from media, especially in the news programs. They mostly report tragedies.
Line 5 to line 8 talked about "The Census of Bethlehem." When most people were waiting for the saint's birth, the writer focused on the children. Those children were not waiting for the miraculous birth; they didn't care about it. Line 9 to line 13 talked about "The Massacre of the Innocents." The story of the paint should be the martyrdom, and the main point should be it, too. But still, he focused on another thing, the untidy spot. He noticed the dog and the horse, which wouldn't know human sufferings. At last, from line 14 to line 21, he clearly talked about Brueghel's painting, "Landscape with the Fell of Icarus." Icarus's falling was a tragedy. Although the name of the painting is that, Breughel drew only a leg of Icarus. In the other parts, the plowman was busy plowing the farm. The delicate ship was still sailing on its way. And the sun was still shining. They might know there was something happened, but they were indifferent to it. The painting looked so calmly. If you don't pay much attention to it, you wouldn't find the leg.
I think, the main idea of them (the painters and the writer) was not the tragedies. I think, these characters in this poem were not really indifferent to these tragedies. But, no matter how bad those things were, they had their own life to lead. Just like people nowadays, there is lots of bad news reported. We hear it, we sigh for it and after three seconds, we forget it. Maybe I exaggerate it, but we really are like this. Those miseries don't affect us straightly, and so we don't care about it. People in the middle century led a hard life; they were not wealthy at all. I don't think they had spare time to feel sorry for Icarus.
As to the sound, in my opinion, I would read it softly. There are not many explosive sounds in the poem. With the sound, I would feel that there is nothing bad happen. Just like those characters in it, they didn't mind the tragedies. The sound flowed, like the painting drown so peacefully.

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