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Subject: A journal to poetry 4
Name: Cerita Liu
School Number: 487200130
Teacher: Kate Liu
Due Date: Dec. 8. 1998

In this section, we focus on the sound and rhythm of poetry. However, I think it is very hard to understand, because I have never learned about it before. As a result, I feel upset and depressed, because it is really very difficult to understand. As we know, different sounds create different effects in different contexts. If we change the sound or the rhythm in a same poem, we can get different feeling. As teacher asked my classmates to read the poem during the class, we can get different sense by their sound, volume or tone. How interesting it is! So even this part is hard for me, I will still pay more attention on it.
In the poem Anecdote of the Jar written by Wallace Stevens, we can see the relation between art and the nature. The speaker compared the jar to art, and the Tennessee to the nature. In this poem, we can realize that the author thought that the jar could make the nature more regular, so he seemed to admire the art. However, in the third part of this poem, we find it out that although the art is admirable, it can not give of bird or bush. As a result, the nature is more important than it.
And in this poem, we can find it out that the author used the " round" sound all the time, I think he wanted to express how far the place it is, it is unlimited and huge. And he also used both open and long vowels and short vowels to show the different feeling of the big nature and a small jar. It makes us to catch the expression he wanted to give us more easily. Besides, we can see the author used the word Tennessee in the end of first and last line, I think he want to give us a completed- sense, to show the nature (Tennessee) is really round and like a circle, there is no way to break it.
And the rhythm in One Art can easily be seen. When we read this poem, we will find it out that the iambic sound is expressed. So it is very smoothly when we read this poem. And the tone in the poem is very regular, she also showed the word losing again and again, it lets us to get the meaning she wanted to show deeply. As we can know, there are some skills when we are going to show our strong feeling, we can repeat it several times and the reader will get the information easily.

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