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"Disillusionment of Ten O'clock"
Usually we are not all preparing for sleep at ten o'clock in the night, but if we go to bed at ten, try our
best to sleep, what will happen?? We may lie on the bed, toss from one side to another, and then use the
most of our imagination to imagine a lot of things in our house. Our consciousness isn't so clear and we
may be like drunken people. There may be many kinds of colors, a lot of ghosts, or some strange sounds
around us or in our house. I think the poet tries to tell us something, but I can't exactlypoint it out.
"Mending Wall"
It's a story about a mending wall between people and people, but I don't agree with the idea that " Good
fenses make good neighbors." The wall is just like the barrier, the boundary, and the protection of people.
Of course, everyone can have his own privacy and enjoy his freedom at a reasonable range. Traspassing
is not allowed in our society.
We should always believe that all the people are born friendly and kind, but at the same time, we can
never think that no one will do us harm. We can have good fences, but it's not always right that " Good
fences make good neighbors."

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