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Name: Sheryl Hsu (\ɤ)
Student ID: 487200099
-Neutral Tones-
I had read this poem loud many times, and I find most words in this poem have very plain sounds. There are four lines in each stanza; the last word of first line rhymes with the last word of last line in each stanza and the last word of second line rhymes the last word of third line in each stanza. It shows how regular the form of this poem is.
Besides using the words such as "white, gray, starving sod, lost, and ominous bird", the speaker also use plait sounds and very regular form to represent how meaningless and boring the love between himself/herself and his/her lover is. And I think that why the title of this poem called "Neutral Tone"
Response: I think this poem was not write at the time of the speaker just finished the relationship between his/her lover, I prefer to believe there was long time after they left each other. Because there was not much strong emotion in this poem, the speaker pays more attention on the surrounding, his/her lover's eyes, and smile. At the moment we faced one unhappy thing we usually cannot calm down and think deeply, but it will become a little easily after a period of time.

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