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Journal of Poetry Unit<¢º>
Name: Sheryl Hsu (³\ÄÉ€å)
Student ID: 487200099
First, I want to say that before I began to write this journal, I have read Dana and Sophei's journals. I also find 'nine' is an important word in this poem, because it takes nine months to give birth to a baby and this is a poem about pregnancy.
I did not notice the word 'riddle', but Dana and Sophei did. In Dana's journal, she said what the word 'riddle' means. "It not only means the pregnant woman, but also means the pregnancy itself¡Kone can not tell if it is a boy or girl, nor can predict its physical condition, or even further, the child's future." In Sophei's journal, she said, "The word 'riddle' represents her nerve and unstable mood." These two points are new views for me, I did not think so wide and deep. And those two points gave me a different way to read the poem 'Metaphors'.
Second, I have thought about the last line "Boarded the train there's no getting off." That is kind of scared when think of it, but will women get off the train if they once have the chance to get off? It is hard to say it, and this line lets me think the women who had an abortion and the mothers whose child die in young age (before they die). They are those have chance to get off that train, are they happy?

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