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In the poem ˇ§Metaphors,ˇ¨ the speaker tells us that she was a riddle. I think that it is because riddle means something that has to be discovered, and the answer is the baby inside the speaker. The poem has nine syllables and nine lines, I think it means nine months of pregnancy. These descriptions of herself tell us that the speak think of her pregnancy both positive and negative. Red fruit, ivory, fine timbers are positive points of view. Elephant, a ponderous house, are the much negative points of view. These descriptions show her mix feeling about pregnancy. Pregnancy changes womenˇ¦s appearance a lot, but the pleasure of giving birth to a baby is worthy of this kind of sacrifice. I think that her tone is both expectation and resignation, because the final line said that the pregnancy is like boarded the train never getting off. A mother has to be responsible for the child who was given birth by her. Only when she die that she could give up shouldering this responsibility.

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