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W.H. Auden wrote this poem according to three pictures of Breughel: ¡§Landscape with the Fall of Icarus¡¨, ¡§The Census at Bethlehem¡¨, ¡§The Massacre of the Innocents¡¨ . The first four lines refer to a conclusion which is related to the attitude of both the poet and the painter.

In stead of putting notice on Icarus, the painter focuses on other people and things such as a plowman, the sun, and a ¡§delicate ship¡¨, and none of them stop their actions for this tragedy. There fore, It shows an attitude of indifference. What¡¦s more is that no matter who ones are, they are all indifferent with the tragedy around them.

According to this point, we can know the position of suffering in human society. We find that most people nowadays pays less attention to the accidents or bad things happen around them. Sometimes it may because they don¡¦t see them or they don¡¦t know them. What¡¦s worse is that some people know them but ignore them, since people are more and more selfish and are afraid of being hurt or lose something if they spend their time minding other¡¦s businesses.

Maybe someone will think it common and normal for us to take care of ourselves well only, but if we are willing to help others whenever ones need help, won¡¦t the society become better?
Take my experience for example. One day I took a bus, and when I stood in it there was a sudden stop. I didn¡¦t prepare well so that I fell down along with other people. When I tried to stand up I noticed the expression of people who sat on the seats: it was cold and merciless. I don¡¦t think I can blame them because I am not sure what I will do if I am the one sitting on the seat. In short, there is something we all have to think about like what kind of person you want to be-- indifferent, enthusiastic, or in the middle?

There are two stanzas in this poem, and the second stanza is more regular than the first one. It can mean that tragedies happen, and people are gradually accustomed to them and feel numb when they hear of them.

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