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Sharon Lim
Act II
At the beginning of act II, it describes Higgins's laboratory in Wimpole Street. It shows how Higgins was addicted to his jobs and concentrated in his research, as there are phonograph, a laryngoscope, vocal organs and etc. Next, we can see that everything around Higgins seems to be perfect and his life was enjoyable. For examples there is a grand piano and placed a dessert dish which was heaped with fruits, sweets and chocolates, and chocolate is quite expensive. And Higgins is an upper class man as he dressed in a professional-looking black frock coat. When Eliza came to see Higgins, she wears in a formal way, I think because she wanted to act like a lady, and she hoped to give Higgins a good impression. Her purpose was to learn how to speak English well and she wanted to become a lady in the flower shop. From here, we could see that Eliza wants to climb up to the social ladder. And I think because Higgins wants to prove his ability, he decided to take the challenge and told Pickering he could make it. But at first, it was strongly objected by Mrs. Pearce as she felt Higgins shouldn't do as picking a pebble on the beach. And she also thinks Higgins was unreasonable, as he never cares how others feel. The role played by Mrs. Pearce here was just like a mother teaching a son. Later, we could see Mr. Doolittle appeared in the act, I think he is wise in somewhere because when he went to Higgins and ask for daughter instead of money first. And it also showed that Mr. Doolittle has a glibly tongue, as he said, " I'm willing, wanting, waiting to tell you". When he asked for money, he means he gave Eliza to Higgins, he said marry her while she is young. But his point of view towards money was rather strange. He didn't like to have a lot of money with him and it seems like saying goodbye to happiness. I also think that he is a person who likes life with amusement and freedom, he didn't care much about how Eliza's feelings. For examples, when he said Eliza was only a woman and doesn't know how to be happy anyhow. In this act, money raised several times, I think because money showed a standard of a people and money makes people enjoy life like Mr. Doolittle. At the end of act II, the process Eliza learn how to speak and it was tough for her as she could not pronounce well. And Higgins kept frightened her, saying that if she speaks wrongly, she shall be dragged round the room three times by the hair of her head. From this I think Higgins is also an impatient man.

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