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After reading through the One Art, I can feel the whole poem inhere the fluent sound effect. Bishop keeps repeating that: The art of losing isnˇ¦t hard to master. And the open and long vowels( lost, loss, no, fluster, losing, places, names and so on) create a sense of fluidity.
The first stanza Bishop uses the assonance ( to be lost that their loss is no disaster) to make us convince that the art of losing is easy to master. The third stanza has an iambic meter. The meter shows how fast the art of lost switching between thing closeby. Elizabeth Bishop emigrated from place to place so that she seldom feel the cultural identity and she never felt belong to Canada. In my opinion, to ˇ§loseˇ¨ places and names is that maybe Bishop always moved from place to place quickly and she even had not get aquatinted to the environment around her and she had no chance to get to know her friends further so that she forgot the names easily.{ as for the reason how do we own them in the first places: I have no idea}
About the parenthetical expressions in the last stanza(write it!) I guess thatˇ¦s the inner mind of the speaker which telling herself that *losing you*is some kind of disaster.
The alternation in the poem ˇ§ losing, lost door keys, the hour badly spent, even losing youˇ¨ give me an idea that the speaker is take the art of losing for granted, but speaking to the art of losing you imply that she is a little bit reluctant to do it and it turn out to be a disaster! Moreover, the explosive sound (accept the fluster,the joking voice, a gesture I love) show a stronger feeling that the losing of thing is really a mess and I really miss your joking voice and the gesture, The speaker writed. it with procedure that lose from the concrete possessions to the people. I think it imply that she is a little bit regretful.
By reading through the poem and I find that the regular rhyme scheme shows the peace and the resightment of the speaker to accept the fact that she had lose a lot of things . about the variation of the repeated line I can feel the true feeling hidden in the button of the heart that she after all admit it that is a disaster!

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