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Sharon Lim
The whole Play
After reading Pygmalion, I think it is quite different from "My fair lady". As we could see in the movie of "My fair lady" ended with Eliza comes back, while Higgins was listening to her recording voice and it might be the happy ending. But in the book, the ending was not shown clearly. I think it is quite good because it didn't decide Eliza's life, whether Eliza marrys Higgins or not we did not know. At the beginning of the play, the setting was in a church; it is a place where different classes of people meet. I think Bernard Shaw used church as a setting because it also represents the play too. Why? Because the play has something to do with the upper and the lower class. Next, I think Higgins is a sort like didn't want to admit that his feeling to Eliza because he is a upper class man and he didn't want to accept Eliza. And he always thinks that Eliza was create by him. Whenever Higgins shows his feeling to Eliza, he would have involved Pickering because he didn't want to do it alone. When Higgins successfully change Eliza, he thanked god it's over. This shows Higgins was just treating this as a experiment. As for Eliza, she started to think about who on earth she was to Higgins. Higgins is a free person because he is rich, educated and could do whatever he wants, but Eliza is a limited person, as she is just a common flower girl. I think in this play what Eliza really want is she hopes to have a equal standard with Higgins. And when Higgins said that she could marry someone, as to Eliza, "marry" is to sell herself. Another things Eliza want is to get some respect from Higgins and stop treating her like a servant, just like how she was treated by Pickering with good manners and respect. In act V , when Higgins said " I can't turn your soul oníKíK''. Eliza was actually emotionally touch by this when she answered Higgins that he could twist the heart of a girl easy as some could twist her arm to hurt her. After that, she said " what did you do it for if you didn't care about me?'', she is a kind of acknowledgement to her emotions. Again in the act V, Eliza stimulate Higgins by telling she is going to marry Freedy. As to Eliza, Freddy cared and love her, only with Freedy she finds herself a real lady. Still, in this whole play, there are different kinds of characters, like
the role-played by Mrs. Higgins, Mr. Doolittle, Clara, Mrs. Eynsford HillíK..and others. But I choose to talk about Higgins and Eliza. To conclude, I was surprised to see Eliza married Freedy. I think she married Freedy was only to stimulate Higgins, and Freedy would only be a "shadow'' of Higgins. If Eliza is willing to stay with Higgins, I think she would be able to move Higgins.

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