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In act I, we can see that Pickering is a person with sympathy. He gave Elisa three hapence when Elisa asked him to buy a flower off her. In page 17, Higgins as a note taker said in a stern voice: live where you like; but stop that noise. Pickering tried to comfort Elisa and said: Come, Come! He can¡¦t touch you; you have a right to live where you please. In page 32, Higgins said ¡§put her in the dustbin¡¨ when Mrs. Pearce said that she has no place to put Elisa, Pickering said¡¨ oh come, Higgins! Be reasonable. I think that Pickering treat Elisa as a human no matter she was a flower girl or a lady. In page 34, Pickering said, ¡§Does it occur to you, Higgins, that the girl had some feelings. He even called Elisa ¡§Miss Doolittle¡¨ when she was not a lady. Besides, Pickering is a patient teacher, because he always encourages Elisa. In page 55,he said ¡§Good, Splendid, Miss Doolittle.¡¨ And¡§ Never mind crying a little, you are doing very well; and the lessons won¡¦t hurt. I promise you let him drag you round the by your hair.¡¨ He plays the role as a teacher of manner to Elisa. Without him, it¡¦s impossible for Elisa to be a lady. In page 98, Elisa said to Pickering ¡§ I know I can be a lady to you, because you always treat me as a lady, and always will.¡¨
  Elisa is a girl who concerns about life. She hangs a birdcage in her room although its tenant died long ago. However, Higgins is different from Elisa. He cares only in the aspect of how they pronounce.
  In act II, we get to see their personality and what Elisa and Higgins want to achieve. Elisa asked Higgins to teach her because she wants to be a lady in a flower shop. She wanted to earn more money but she won¡¦t sell herself. She always reminds other that she is a good girl, whether in the street or when Mrs. Pearce wanted her to take off her clothes. She knows morality even her father always being an unmoral person.
  Higgins once told to Pickering that he is a shy and different person, but it is hard for me to admit what he said. I agree with Mrs. Pearce¡¦s point of view that he is an arbitrary overbearing bossing kind of person. When he decided to have the bet with Pickering, he persuaded Elisa to be his pupil. In page 36, he said, ¡¨As a military man you ought to know that. That¡¦s enough for her.¡¨ And to Elisa: think of other people¡¦s future; but never think of your own. Think of chocolates, and taxis, and gold, and diamonds. I think that he tried to dominate Elisa¡¦s thinking, and it shows his personality.

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