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About the setting in Act ll, we can see a contrast between the Eliza・s room to Higgin・s room. In Higgin・s room, we can see a phonograph, a laryngoscope, and a row of tiny organ pipes with a bellows and so on. It showed that he is really a professional linguistic. And there is an intrusting scene which is that on his piano there is a dessert dish heaped with fruit and sweets.( mostly chocolates) This kind of signal showed that he was a little bit childlike. Then the following paragraph mentioned that there were engravings on the wall, and I can・t help thinking about Pygmalion who was also an artist with scholpture. Furthermore, the wearing of Higgins described that there were only white and black in his dressing, and which was like a parallel to the dressing of Eliza! On page26 we can see a vivid description of the personality of Higgins and we can know that he can violently interested in everything that can be studied as a scientific subject( Eliza) and careless about himself and other people, including their feelings.( Those can be seen in the following act.) And it also mentioned that he was rather like an impetuous baby. The evidence of training Eliza to be a lady was a supportive answer. Moreover, in P27 the second to last sentence mentioned that Higgins , the only distinction he makes between men and women is that when he is neither bullying nor exclaiming to the heavens against some feather-weight cross, he coaxes women as a child coaxes its nurse when it wants to get anything out of her. In addition to this, on P32-33 we can discover that Higgins・s temper from storm to peace iust in few minuets! On the contrary, Mrs.Pearce was quite a reasonable person and often makes rational chat to Higgins. For example, on P36 in the middle part of the remarks by her we can see that she raised a issue of sex and cautions that Higgins ignored. Mrs. Pearce was in the position of a housekeeper as well as a good adviser to Higgins・s daily life. She even addressed Higgins change his rude manner toward Eliza in order to have a good influence on she.
The climax of Actll is the appearing of Doolittle. He at first wanted to blackmail Higgins but in no avail then he changed his strategy. However, Higgins was so clever that he didn・t get plotted but he eventually was attracted by Doolittle・s eloquent and interesting point of view about life and money! Doolitte thought himself : undeserving property; but he sticks to it. I think this is like a irony that G.B.Shaw cast to us in which we can find in this play that :without money, decency is impossible.; In this play convels the issue of money, class and spirituality, just like the reason why Eliza wants to be a lady is that she wants to work in a flower shop and she offers the money to Higgins to ask for help although the money is miner to him. On the contrary, the why Higgins uses money is carelessly: he rejected the blackmailing of Doolittle but turned out to give him money for Doolittle・s words and philosophy is irresistible.

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