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After Pickering and Higgins got home, Higgins was so much released from the pressure of the party, and for him, everything・s settled and he throw himself into the easy chair. Pickering was also tired but he・s always gentleman like. They talked how it・s all over and happy about the victory. Only once did Pickering mention Eliza・s brilliant behavior, and yet he was ;frightened; because Eliza was doing so well. Then, in this point, even Pickering didn・t expect Eliza to behave so wonderfully. As for Higgins, he never thought of Eliza in the first place, and he kept on saying that :Thank God it・s over;, :Never again for me. No more artificial duchesses.; Though Higgins might simply wanted to express his hatred and tiresome toward the party and :the silly people;. However, his words implied how Eliza has been a burden, a drag for him, and he took her as his creation, without emotions.
On the other hand, Eliza was not excited about her winning of the bet. She : sits down on the bench, brooding and silent.; Then she brought Higgins his slippers without a word. She・s upset and angry but she・s a lady now, she chouse to remain silent and stonily. Then Eliza・s beauty became murderous when Higgins said he has nothing to dread tomorrow. To Eliza, what to dread is the days after. Higgins still didn・t have the slightest idea of Eliza・s worries and focused on his slippers. That・s what irritates Eliza. Even when he knew her worries, he took it slightly and told her everything・s going to be all right as if talking to a child. He had no sense of her feelings.
Through this :education;, Eliza became a lady, and she・s changed in many ways, such as manners and phonetics. But I・d say she・s still got the thinking and dignity of Eliza back the flowergirl time, only her change to a lady made her thoughts and her own dignity more persuasive. At first, her limitation made her to think of becoming a girl in flower shop. After her transformation she thought it not enough, but she only had a vague image, so she kept on asking :What to become of me?; Emotionally, she wanted to be treated equally by Higgins, and also by others, instead born to be married. However, realistically, I can・t figure what else :job; could she take at that time and society. Higgins said she・s free to do anything, actually, it・s almost impossible. She・s now over the level of being satisfied as a flowergirl and she wanted not marriage either.
Higgins helped Eliza out of good intention and he was hurt and thought Eliza was ungrateful, so he fight back and damned all his efforts done on Eliza. And Eliza was :thrilling with her hidden joy; of hurting Higgins to :get her own back;. Even so, they still have feelings toward each other, or they wouldn・t get hurt. Any way, after their last conversation in this act, Eliza put away the ring and gave up on Higgins. She changed her custom to a casual way and this showed another change of her. She became active and took lead. At the end, surprisingly, Eliza developed a relationship with Freddy, ;hungry of comfort!; We can see Eliza・s words are much more lively and active here with Freddy. Yet this keeps me wonder Eliza・s real intention.

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