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This act is mainly talking about Eliza's change and how she was taught by Higgins
Besides that, this act also points out two things. First, all man are trained to be our present self, but not necessary realize what had trained us. Just as Higgins said: "You see, we're all savages, more or less. We're supposed to civilized and cultured-to know all about poetry ,philosophy, art, science and so on; but how many of us know even the meanings of these names? "This seems like a connotation of that Eliza had already changed into a lady, but she even didn't know what her inner was, maybe it's because she was totally trained by Higgins but not active learning. And most of the ladies from rich family were the same, they were educated for getting good grades in social evaluation in order to merry a nice husband, but not to enrich their inner beauty. Second, there's no exact language or what called perfect language. In Mrs. Higgins' place, Higgins and Eliza used some slang and small talk, but Miss Hiss didn't think that's improper, on the contrary, she thought that's a kind of fashion talking style. In the party, Nepommuck considered Eliza must be the Hungarian princess, because it's impossible for a London girl to pronounce such a perfect pronunciation. It's really very sarcastic, an Englishmen couldn't but a trained Hungarian princess could speak perfect English. Then, what's the standard of what was called perfect English? I think it's really very absurd to judge a person's class by his speaking tone. I think it's good to let language just be language.

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