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I'm really very interested in the relationships between Eliza and all men around her. she said: "I won't care for anybody that doesn't care for me." She knows that Higgins and Mr. Doolittle does need her, so she said she likes Colonel and Freddy, and she does not like her father and Higgins. According to what she said, what she wants seems just like a kind of "mutual respect", to treat each other on the same level.
As Higgins said: "I' d make a woman of you; and I have. I like you like this." Though he made Eliza as his ideal lady, but Eliza still felt she just like his servant or still the same flower girl in the street corner, even less important than Higgins' slippers. Eliza wondered, but realized at last. "The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she's treated." Here, Colonel and Freddy treat her as a lady, Colonel cares her, and Freddy needs her. In the contrast, Higgins neglect her, Mr. Doolittle sort of forsake her. In front of them, Eliza seems always just can be a creature or a little insect.
In act five, things turned rare different. Eliza grew out of Higgins and Colonel's expect. She has her own thought, and stood on the same level when she talked to Higgins. But lake of handling human relationship, Higgins just can't face the problem tangled between he and Eliza. Outcomes, till the end of act five, the problem still there.
The myth of the Pygmalion has a good ending that Pygmalion and the woman he created lead a well life. But I think the ending of this play doesn't really so good, because Eliza married Freddy, but left her heart on the Higgins, the man who won't bring her happiness. In my opinion, it's kind of a tragedy.

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